How does KINTO ONE compare
against a conventional car loan?

Car Loan
& Drive
Zero downpayment.
(1-mth refundable security deposit)
10% downpayment required.
All-Inclusive monthly subscription with just one single payment over the whole subscription period.
Hirers need to make payment for service, maintenance, insurance and road tax throughout the loan tenure.
Monthly subscription does not add on to individual or company credit exposure.
Buyer needs to apply for car loan.
Monthly subscription paid are tax deductible for companies.
Additional asset purchase will add on to the company's financial exposure.
Peace of Mind
Reduce Administrative Tasks
Monthly subscription automatically deducted through the nominated credit card.
Hirer need to make cash payment on the car loan. No Credit Card payment allowed for loan product.
Insurance auto renewal are fully taken care of and road tax will be delivered to you. No additional payment required.
Requires self-monitoring on expiry dates, handle renewal and payment to the agent.
GAP* will take care of the remaining subscription and no penalty for total loss resulting from accident / theft.
Coverage from Motor Takaful / insurance is insufficient to make up outstanding loan.
All-Inclusive wear & tear maintenance over the 3-year subscription period.
Hirer need to bear the cost for wear & maintenance with the risk of increased cost over time.
Drive in Style
Auto Concierge Pickup & Delivery for all scheduled service throughout your subscription period
Hassle of scheduling car service appointments with additional travel expenses required for car drop-off and pick-up.
At the end of subscription period, simply return the car to KINTO and subscribe to a new car. Get your good driver reward.
Hirer need to go through the hectic process of trading in the car, settle the loan and bear the cost of depreciation risk.
Enjoy a new car or upgrade to a brand new model every 3 years!
Stuck with the same car, requires regular service & maintenance, potential unexpected repairs.

*GAP = Guaranteed Auto Protection

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