Everyone should have the freedom to move. With cities more congested and lives more connected, we need a new way to travel from A to B. One solution that's clever, simple to use and kind to the environment whenever you need to move, wherever you are. That's KINTO

KINTO's origin lie in the word Kinto-un - Japanese for 'flying nimbus' - a service that quickly appears and, no matter where you are or what time it is, takes you wherever you wish to go.

KINTO ONE is a personal medium-term subscription programme tailored for the modern lifestyle. It is a stress-free way to own mobility, giving you a car with a fixed monthly payment

KINTO ONE subscriptions come with the following benefits:

Roadtax & Comprehensive Insurance
Wear & Tear and Preventive Maintainenance*
ZERO Downpayment
Shariah-based Vehicle Subscription
Monthly subscription does not add on to individual or company credit exposure.
GAP* will take care of the remaining subscription with no penalty for total loss resulting from accident / theft.
Monthly subscription automatically deducted through the nominated credit card.
Enjoy a new car or upgrade to a brand new model every 2-5 years!
Auto Concierge Pickup & Delivery for all scheduled service throughout your subscription period

*Preventive Maintenance included only with the KINTO Standard Package

There is a KINTO for everyone

Whether you want the freedom to drive a new car without having to own one, or want a medium-term experience with a certified and completely refurbished pre-owned vehicle, or even need a customised vehicle solution to fit your business needs, we have the KINTO that is just right for you.